INVISID: Revolutionary IT Security Solutions for Healthcare

In healthcare, IT security issues are not only a potential threat to smooth operations but can also jeopardize the integrity of sensitive patient data. Human users are often a weak link in the IT security chain. INVISID offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to address these challenges and ensure a high level of security in healthcare.

Challenges in Healthcare:

  1. Insecure Email Communication:Sending patient data via insecure emails can lead to privacy breaches.
  2. Weak Authentication:Conventional password solutions are vulnerable to abuse and can lead to unauthorized access to patient records.
  3. Lack of Information Verification:Uncertainty about the origin and integrity of medical information can lead to incorrect diagnoses and treatments.
  4. Risk of Shared Accounts:Sharing access credentials can cause unauthorized access and privacy breaches.
  5. Challenges in Compliance and Audit:Compliance with regulations is complex and requires accurate logging and monitoring.

INVISID Solutions in Healthcare:

  1. Email Signatures:INVISID provides secure email signatures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted patient data.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication:Through robust multi-factor authentication, INVISID protects access to patient records and secures sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  3. Information Verification:INVISID ensures the authenticity of medical information through a unique mouse and keyboard verification.
  4. Passwordless LoginsBy eliminating passwords, INVISID minimizes the risk of password breaches and facilitates secure access to digital resources.
  5. Time TrackingPrecise time tracking with INVISID facilitates time management in healthcare and supports compliance requirements.
  6. Zero TrustINVISID implements the Zero Trust model to verify every on-screen interaction and prevent unauthorized access.
  7. Control of Shared AccountsINVISID enables secure sharing of access credentials through individual verification without compromising security.
  8. Compliance and AuditThrough accurate logging and monitoring, INVISID supports compliance with regulations and simplifies external audits.
  9. Continuous Employee VerificationINVISID provides continuous monitoring of user interactions to detect and address insider threats proactively.

With INVISID, healthcare adopts innovative technology to minimize human factors as potential security risks. Our solutions aim to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of sensitive patient data. INVISID – Your secure choice for digital healthcare!

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