Unsere Geschichte

It all started at a university party with the sentence: "Let's do it differently". Jannis Froese and Nils Vossebein were referring to inadequate current cyber security measures - and to new study results on motion analyses. What if we used these for identity authentication?
February 2021
Two months later, we move into our office in the Sarfactory. We are sure that we will soon gain more and more employees - our idea is developing rapidly.
May 2021
A big step: it's finally official. DeepSign GmbH was founded! Our first act as a company is to find a proper server space.
July 2021
We can't do it alone, so we welcome our first employee. With our new developer, we are ready Four new challenges!
September 2021
Als ersten Pilotkunden gewinnen wir die Colpari GmbH. Damit testet nun ein innovatives Callcenter unser System. Wir lernen weiter dazu und entwickeln neue Use Cases.
November 2021
Our first employee outside of Germany joins the team: Welcome Abhinav! We are always looking for new talents and so we are now also developing in Nepal.
February 2022
Yeah! We won the Up2B StartUp Award for our solution. Thank you to the sponsors Innowerft, Technologiepark Heidelberg, Next Mannheim and Startup Baden Württemberg!
June 2022
Hello to another change! We welcome Surya to our team. It wasn't meant to be; instead of becoming teacher she is now with us in our Customer Service team. Welcome!
February 2023
Matthias Arrived. Jannis joins the development team! His expertise from the Embedded World will benefit our customers. Here's to good times!
April 2023
We welcome Markus to the team. Innovation, business development and transformation are his thing. His experience (e.g. Bosch, IBM, MLP) will help our customers and us. Welcome on board.
May 2023
Our company continues to grow: we welcome Anne to the Business Development team. With her experience from the cyber network (at CSIPA), she is focussing on cyber learning offerings to make the world safer through motion - motion is key. Welcome to the team!
June 2023
INVISID gets a new look. The meerkat gives way to a deliberately emotional CI. The pattern in the logo, non-linear and diffuse in its approach, embodies what we do in our algorithm with the claim "Motion is Key": Recognising patterns in motion. Take a close look at the LOGO!
December 2023