Employee Verification for the Modern Work Era – Ensuring Security in Home-Office!

Employee Verification for the Modern Work Era – Ensuring Security in Home-Office!

In a time when the working world is rapidly changing, and home-office and remote work are becoming more of a norm, employee verification is of particular importance. INVISID offers a groundbreaking solution to ensure security in this new work environment. Our mouse and keyboard verification ensure that employees are identified and authorized, regardless of where they work.

Why is employee verification especially important in Home-Office/Remote Work:

  1. Risk of Unauthorized Access:Home-office and remote work increase the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data. Employee verification is crucial to ensure that only authorized individuals access company resources.
  2. Protection Against Insider Threats:Spatial separation can lead to less monitoring of employees. Employee verification is essential to minimize the risk of insider threats, whether through negligence or malicious intent.
  3. Compliance with Compliance Policies:In many industries, companies are legally obliged to comply with certain compliance standards. Employee verification plays a crucial role in meeting these requirements.

How INVISID can help with employee verification in Home-Office/Remote Work:

INVISID offers an innovative solution to securely and effectively verify employees in home-office and remote work.

The benefits of INVISID:

  1. Distinct Identification:Our mouse and keyboard verification enable distinct identification of employees, regardless of their location.
  2. Location-Independent Security:INVISID ensures security no matter where your employees work. The technology seamlessly integrates into various environments, protecting against unauthorized access.
  3. Continuous Verification:Through continuous verification of mouse and keyboard inputs, INVISID provides an additional layer of security, detecting potentially hazardous behavior early on.

Invest in the security of your employees, no matter where they work. INVISID – Your solution for effective employee verification in the modern work era!

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